Welcome to DOPE Tribe

Deserving Of Positive Energy, unleashing the potential within and becoming the woman you look up to!

Let's Do Dope $hit Together! 


Founded by Alysha Price, the DOPE Tribe is a community of women who realize being DOPE is their innate right. In the DOPE Tribe women discover just how DOPE they are, they harvest positive energy and reinvest it into other women and therefore they level up and live into their purpose. 

Now that’s some power $h!t...

The realization that we are all deserving of positive energy is sometimes hard to tap into when you are overworked, raising children, or focused on being super woman.  Owning your DOPEness is a process. This community is for women who need that extra nudge to go and be great, women who've been sitting on a business idea for years but needs encouragement to leap, women who continuously put their families first and leave nothing for themselves. 

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